Online Coaching

What can you expect with FFA Coaching?

  • Detailed analysis of your running history
  • Evaluation of your injury history and any medical concerns
  • Goal setting and periodization towards race day
  • Online fitness evaluation
  • Personalised training program with day by day sessions, training intensity, required weekly mileage
  • Help with training gear and equipment where necessary
  • Nutritional guidance for training, pre-event, during event and recovery
  • Supplementary conditioning, e.g. stretching, strength training, regeneration, etc.
  • Pace chart and strategy for race day
  • Post-race evaluation

Online coaching option

  • Online evaluation to determine current level of fitness
  • Goal setting process to phase training appropriately
  • Video analysis of running style and form
  • Personalized training program to prepare for your main goal/events
  • Weekly and monthly support to ensure effective progression

Training package options (attached to email)

  • Local
  • International