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About Us

Fitness From Africa was founded in 1998 by Marcél. A very competent runner with local and international racing experience at that stage, he felt it was time to start his own coaching business. When one of his friends moved to the States and asked for some help with putting together a training program, the name Fitness From Africa came to mind since essentially sports and exercise science knowledge cultivated in South Africa will be taken abroad to benefit athletes there.

The vision has been to build and develop runners at all levels and take their fitness onto the tracks, roads and arenas of the world.

Since then we have had athletes participate in their multitudes not only in South Africa, but also most of the other continents, including the big city marathons like New York, Chicago, Boston, London, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Dublin, Berlin, Frankfurt, and also at the World Masters Athletics Championships in France, the Pasatore 100km, Great Wall of China marathon, and many, many more.

The name “Fitness From Africa” was selected with the intention of helping individuals to prepare as well as possible and then to take that fitness from here in South Africa to the arenas of the world.  Since the inception of FFA our clients have done just that – not only performing on the roads, trails, tracks, courts and stadiums of South Africa, but also on other continents of the world.  FFA prides itself in assisting not only those starting out, but has helped all levels of athletes up to Olympians.

List of company services:

  • Personalized coaching programs
  • Online coaching programs
  • Sports massage
  • FFA Boot Camp
  • Fitness Testing
  • Strength training for runners

Business mission statement:

It is the purpose of FFA Coaching to be a people-orientated business geared towards helping others getting the most out of themselves, optimising and enjoying their sports participation and improving their health and sporting performance through intelligent training and lifestyle habits.

Our Coaching Staff

Marcél Viljoen

Marcél is an exercise specialist and running coach with over 30 years of running and coaching experience. He has participated on the track, cross country and roads of South Africa as well as full time in Europe and the USA.  He is a 2h39min marathon runner and multiple Comrades silver medallist.

Cian Oldknow

Cian is busy with her sports psychology degree while keeping herself busy with road, cross country and track races. She is also a provincial cross country runner.

Zoë Brentano

Zoë is a provincial runner and competent on the track, trails, cross country and the road. She has a special interest in running form and technique

Rachel Leistra

Rachel is a provincial runners and holds her own on the road, track and cross country.
She is currently studying towads her physiotherapy degree

Taryn Schairer

Taryn is a track, trail and cross country runner. She is currently completing her exercise science diploma. She also has national colours for vaulting.

Nicole Fuller

Nicole is an incredibly experienced runner with visits to World Championship running events on more than 6 occasions. She is also a triple Springbok athlete with colours for road, track and cross country and is a multiple SA Champion.

Israel Morake

Israel is our motivational king and himself a very competent runner. Not only is he a Springbok athlete, but also former Two Oceans winner and Comrades gold medallist.

Hlogi Manong

Hlogi is a provincial track runner specialising in the 800m. He is also quite competent on the road and cross country events.

Lindo Nkwana

Lindo has a degree in Sports Science, is a phenomenal coach and motivator, and himself a 48sec 400m runner.

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