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Comrades 2018 – Doing the Down Run!

So you managed to enter in time for Comrades 2018! Now what?
So often we underestimate the demands of the big race. It’s only December and reports of massive long runs and training stints are popping up all over Facebook! I get it. It’s a big race and if we have to be honest, its just a little bit scary. 

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Strength Workshop for Runners

The Strength Workshop for Runner's will provide you with the practical and theoretical knowledge to design and implement your own strength training for running. Strength is a highly under rated part of training and often seen as a training element that takes up too...

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Top 10 Things Comrades Runners Don’t Want To Leave Behind

During the final stages of preparation for a big race there are a multitude of things going through our heads! In theory the tapering period should be the most exciting part of preparation, since all the hard work is behind us. The reality though is that our heads...

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Miraculous recovery – “walking on” water

Aqua running, or deep water running, has become a staple for a lot of professional runners, and many an injured runner has become aware of the powers of aqua running to not only maintain fitness when injured, but also so supplement regular training in a far more forgiving environment and in doing so adding to the weekly training volume.

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Can anyone run the Comrades?

(As seen in the December 2016 issue of Destiny Man magazine) It’s late May, just after five in the morning, outside it is pitch black and you are gearing up for a long day of watching one of the most South African events one can find. Its Comrades morning and with a...

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