Free Home Training Program

Run Strong

Keep your cardio fitness up and improve you strength with our FREE home training program!

Free Home Program

Stay positive during "lock down"and take the opportunity to get stronger while still developing your endurance. 

Keep it HIIT

Have fun including High Intensity Interval Training into your home training. HIIT has been proven to not only train you anaerobic system but also you endurace so you don't have to loose your running fitness

Return to Racing

Don't wait for "lock down"to return to training! Keep training, keep motivated and be RACE READY by the time  you are allowed back on the road!

Start Running Strong

What can I Expect?

  • FREE Home training routines
  • Includes strength, core and HIIT sessions
  • All sessions have video instructions
  • New programs every week on your phone
  • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced options

'lock down' special

Stay motivated, keep training and get running strong


  • Weekly programs
  • Strength, HIIT and core sessions
  • Cardio inspired sessions
  • Programs delivered via app
  • Video instruction for each exercise
  • Be running fit after lock down
  • Have fun and stay motivated

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Standard price

Boost your running, prevent injuries and run stronger

R149 pm

  • Periodized strength program
  • Running specific training
  • Strength and core strength exercise
  • Programs delivered via app
  • Video instruction for each exercise
  • Decrease risk of running injuries
  • Improve running performance

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