Running Plans

Have you got the determination to be the best runner you can be? Get  one of our 12 WEEK TRAINING PLANS and start your training journey with us to your reach your running goal!

[ What our 12 week programs include ]

Let us do the thinking so you can do the running! Our programs follow scientific principles to peak you for your race. All you have to do is follow the program!

Training Sessions

12 Weeks of detailed training sessions and instructions available directly on your phone including tempo and interval sessions to help you peak for the race!

Heart rate & Pace

All sessions will be specific to your running abilities and include pace or heart rate guidelines to make sure each training session gets the desired training effect.

Race Specific Training

The program follows scientific training principles taking you through different training phases to keep improving!


Get the power of a running coaching at a fraction of the cost. Our programs are tailored for the individual while being very affordable!

[ Train with Science and Technology ]

  • 12 Week training program available on our coaching app
  • Train for a specific race distance
  • Heart rate or pace guidelines are included
  • Details interval and tempo sessions
  • Automatically download completed training to app
  • Time in training zones, pace, elevation and splits

[ Our Training Plans ]

  • 5 km Plans

  • 10 km Plans

  • Half Marathon Plans

  • Marathon Plans

  • Ultra Marathon Plans

5 km Programs

5 - 10 km

5 km - Couch to 5 km

This program is for someone who has been thinking about starting a running program for quite some time and finally ready to take the first few steps! You need to be free of injuries or sore joints, as well as any respiratory, heart or other conditions. If not sure, please check with your doctor first!

Training sessions: 3 - 5 per week

Speed sessions: None

Cross training session (walk/cycle/gym):  1 - 2 allocated sessions per week

Mileage: 90min - 150min total training per week

Rest days: 2 - 3 per week

5 - 10 km

5 km - Intermediate

This program is for someone who has done some form of exercise (walking, swimming, gym circuit, etc.) and would like to prepare for a 5 km and to be abe to run the entire way with no walking.

Training sessions: 5 - 6 per week

Speed sessions: None

Cross training sessions (walk/gym/cycle): 1 - 2 allocated sessions per week

Mileage: 2 - 3.5 hours total training per week

Rest days: 1 - 2 per week

[ How Our Running Plans Work]


Select Program

Select from our comprehensive program library for the distance, event and ability that suits you.


Personal Details

Complete the form with your personal details and training information so we can load the relevent training intensities to your program.


Get Training

Your training program will be available via our coaching app platform. Follow the program and improve your fitness.


Reach Your Goals

Link your watch to the app to automattically up update your training session to the coaching platform. See the improvement as you move towards to your goals.

Do Our Training Plans Suite You

We want to get the best out of your training and make sure that the program suites you!


  • Simple
    There is no need to think. The training plan tells you exactly what to do and when to do it. Just follow the program!
  • Scientific
    Our programs follow proven training principles that follows different training phases to peak you for your race.
  • Affordable
    Get our 12 week program for less than the monthly cost of a coach!
  • Interval and Tempo Training
    Your program will include the all the appropriate interval and tempo sessions in your program to make sure that you are improving your speed!
  • Feedback
    Link your Strava account to the coaching platform to automatically get all your training stats uploaded including heart rate, training zones, elevation, timing splits.


  • No Dedicate Coach
    This is a running plan and there is no coach that is following your training , providing feedback and updating your program
  • Group Session
    This program is an individual program that makes use of technology but doesn't offer group training
  • Interval and Tempo Training
    Interval and tempo training sessions are where the magic happens when it comes to improving speed but you will need to be dedicated to do these harder training sessions on your own.