Athlete Management

Sportsman is an extension of Fitness From Africa and assists elite athletes on and off the track to manage their careers professionally.
We realise the importance of working with athlete and coach in order to gain perspective of long-term goals and how to work towards achieving them.

Services include the following:
• Negotiations with regards to sponsorships, promotions and appearances
• Contract negotiations and legal advice
• Financial investment, business opportunities and tax assistance
• We care about our clients and the brands that support both our athletes and us as an agency
• Structures for medical support, from injury management to sports psychology
• Media and public relations training
• Sharing the passion to perform, compete and represent your country at the very highest level!

Sportsman Athletes

Athlete Application

Application for management

If you would like to apply for representation, please send us your concise CV including the following:

• Full name
• Date of birth
• Email and cell contact details
• Personal bests
• Best performances over the past 18months
• Academic qualifications achieved
• Current running club/team
• Coach and his/her contact details
• Current sponsors
• Former AR/agent

Mail your information to

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