Athlete Management

Create the Athletics Career You Always Wanted

Elite athlete management to assist talented, passionate and professional athletes to maximise their careers by assisting them to chase their dreams  and to make history for their countries!

Eat Well, Sleep Well, Compete Well

For athletes to compete optimally they need to prepare optimally. They need comfortable living environments, good nutrition, great coaching, training facilities and training gear. Helping our athletes putting the basics in place is the foundation to great performances!

Quality over Quantity

The pursuit of too many competitions, too much travel and too little  recovery often leads to burnout, a decline in performances and abbreviated careers. Plan the process and career, then work the plan! 

Life After Competing

If a long career offers opportunity for achievement on the track how much more for opportunities off the track! No two careers are identical however the need for post-career planning and investment is vital. FFA assists in pursuing all options to maximise the competitive platform that athletics offer both during and post-career.

To Apply For FFA Representation:

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