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Running strength program 1

Being the best runner you can be is impossible without adding strength to your weekly program

Running strength program 2

If you are struggling with fatigue towards the end of a marathon or ultra despite doing sufficient mileage, then you are most likely lacking strength in your program.

Running strength program 3

Runners often struggle with little niggly injuries because of alignment issues or lack of core strength. Our strength eBook covers a host of prehab exercises that will help keeping niggles at bay.

Running strength program 4

If you have never done strength before our adaptation phase will be ideal for not only loosening up tight and stiff joints, but also preparing your for some more challenging routines in months to come.

Running strength program 5

The demands of a long distance runner requires event-specific preparation that will target the muscles you use for running and not waste time on needless or even harmful exercises in your strength time.

Running strength program 6

Running time is precious and you shouldn’t waste time doing hours of strength while you could be out running. Our strength program comes in bite-sized chunks that are specific to helping you improve your running rather than time-intensive old-school strength routines.

Not all strength sessions are created equal though. The type of strength you do will certainly have an effect on your running success which could be beneficial or detrimental. The wide varieties of strength training could be confusing, and selecting one randomly may not be the best approach.

  • Take the guesswork out of sports-specific training for runners
  • Who is this book for?
    • Runners who have always wanted to add strength to their program but didn’t know where to start.
    • Runners who would like to take their running to the next level.
    • Runners who struggle with fatigue towards the end of a marathon or ultra despite increases in mileage and general training volume.
    • Runners who struggle with niggling injuries and setbacks and are unable to get training consistency.
    • Runners who have never done any strength or gym work before.
    • Runners who have done strength before but feel they can make training a bit more running-specific.
    • Runners who are pressed for time and don’t have an hour three days a week in addition to running training already being done.


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