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"  You don't believe in life changing moments? Then you haven't run a trail race!  "

Brendan McBirnie / FFA Coach

Why Train with Fitness From Africa?

Personalized Programs

Training programs are designed to help achieve each individuals goal. The program will progress through different phases of training with each phase having specific goals. Programs are delivered on a template via email with recommended training pace.

Group Speed Session

While most of the time we should probably be training slower than what we are, we will never get faster without the correct speed training. Fitness From Africa offers group speed sessions twice a week in the Fourways and Morningside areas. Training in a group environment is always easier, especially when it comes to speed work. If you cant make the speed sessions then the appropriate session will be sent to you.

Feedback is King

Designing a periodized and personal training program is one thing. Monitoring what training you are doing and how you respond is critical. The coaches at Fitness From Africa are hands on and in communication with you to receive feedback and constantly update your training program.

Fitness From Africa

FFA was started by Marcel Viljoen and has been assisting both recreational and professional runners for over 25 years. In 2008 FFA had it's first introduction into trail running and has helping it's clients reaching their goals whether it is a podium finish at the Namaqua Quest or to survive the brutal Attacama Desert Crossing. Our team of experienced coaches is here to guide you to your goals.

Brendan McBirnie

Sport scientist / Trail running enthusiast

Marcel Viljoen

Exercise scientist / Running coach

Standard Program

Get motivated and get training with our personalized running program




  • Personalized running program
  • Race planning
  • Access to group track session
  • Weekly follow up with coaches

Mont-Aux-Sources was my first ultra trail run. I trained on a program design by FFA that was tailor specifically for me and my goals and I finished with a smile on my face. Training included speed sessions, group hill repeats and monthly time trials. This made for great physical and mental preparation to successfully run and enjoy Mont-Aux-Source.

Heidi Joubert, FFA Trail Runner

Moving to Johannesburg, it was  a real pleasure to come across FFA - a club where eve, but which is also very inclusive. They offer the perfect balance of friendliness and competitiveness, and the coaches are extremely dedicated.

Nick Galpine,  Trail Runner

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Training Venues

Fourways Higth School
Kingfisher Drive
Tuesday & Thursday 17:15

Redhill College Sports Field
Outspan Road
Monday & Thursday 17:15

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