12 Week Performance Program

12 Week Personalise Program

Raise the bar and prepare for your first, or your best 10 km, half marathon, marathon or further

Eat Like A Champion

Receive a personalised nutritional plan for health, living and performance. Learn what works best for your requirements!

Optimise Your Preparation

All consultations are online and will save you time yet fast-track the process as you have access to highly qualified professionals.

Reality Check....


Lower employee turnover with companies that offer wellness programs!


Higher productivity with staff on wellness programs!


Of employees expect their employer to support them in balancing work and personal commitments!

Your Complete Wellness

What can I Expect?

  • 3-in-one: Your own personal coach, dietician and biokineticist!
  • 12 week personalised training program
  • Your goal, our program - 5 km, 10 km, 21 km, 42 km Comrades, triathlon, cycle race
  • Resolve strength concerns, imbalances and injury concerns
  • Personalised nutritional plan by a registered dietician
  • Address nutritional concerns or medical needs
  • Daily training: Your lifestyle, your history and your goals
  • All sessions online and weekly follow-ups


Purely Personal

For the busy professional look for a personalised, all-in-one wellness and fitness program.

  • Fitness evaluation
  • Style and technique analysis
  • Nutritional analysis
  • Biokinetic and strength evaluation
  • Access to online coaching app
  • Coaching feedback
  • Diet plans
  • Race nutrition
  • Race planning and strategy


Fit for work

Corporate fitness solutions to motivate and train team members

  • Fitness evaluation of each staff member
  • Nutritional evaluation for each staff memeber
  • Personalised Biokinetic and strength evaluations
  • Access to selected training programs
  • Access to variety of nutritional plans
  • Bi-weekly improvement and support webinars
  • Access to training resources
  • Group fitness for increased health, wellness and productivity


Our team of professionals include experienced FFA coaches with over 50 years of combined experience, professional biokinetic services from a number of private practices, as well as top notch nutritional guidance from two dietetic practices. All members on the team are endurance sportsmen and women themselves with hundreds of events behind them and still a lot to come!

Caitlin Tracey


  • Avid endurance athlete from triathlons to ultra-distance running
  • Passionate about neurological and spinal cord rehabilitation
  • Fully believes in pre-hab being the key to successful rehabilitation
  • Sport injury management and successful return to sport
  • Orthopaedic rehabilitation
  • Postural, muscular and proprioceptive assessment
  • Biomechanical assessments

Stephen Bendall


  • Honours degrees in Biokinetics and Sports Science
  • Experienced runner, triathlete, cyclist and overall exercise enthusiast
  • Biomechanical evaluations of both adults and children
  • Fully believes in pre-hab being the key to successful rehabilitation
  • Evaluations and cause identification of current injuries to aid in sports return and progression
  • Office ergonomics incorporating postural awareness insight
  • Orthopaedic rehabilitation and pain management
  • Postural, muscular and proprioceptive assessment to identify body weaknesses and enhance strengths

Ashely Gibbon

Registered dietician

  • Bachelor of Science degree in Dietetics
  • Active runner and yoga enthusiast
  • Advises on weight management (gaining or losing weight)
  • Performance through sports nutrition
  • Chronic disease management
  • Builds relationship through instruction and management and habit changing

Sarah Wildy

Registered dietician

  • Bachelor of Science degree in Dietetics
  • Active running and cycling enthusiast
  • Passionate about women's health
  • Guides patients in lifestyle management and achieving balance
  • Loves to educate on the essence of healthy eating

Marcel Viljoen

Running Coach &‚Äč Exercise Specialist

  • Founder of FFA in 1998
  • 38 years of running experience
  • Podium finishes on 3 continents
  • PB's of 15min for 5 km and 2h39 for 42 km
  • Helped over 600 runners to Comrades medals
  • Loves to help runners of all abilities achieve their goals!

Brendan McBirnie

Sport scientist

  • Bachelor of Science (hons) in Sport Science
  • Avid trail runner
  • Special interest in sports specific strength
  • PB's of 36min for 10 km and 1h25 for 21 km
  • Loves interacting and training with runners

Tamlyn Stevens

Sport scientist

  • Honours degree in Sport science
  • Avid sports fan including running, cricket, volleyball, hockey, cycling and strength training
  • Sprint and middle distance coach
  • Long jump and high jump coach