Triathlon Programs

Our team of dedicated coaches will help you to prepare and guide you to your racing goal, whether you are just starting your triathlon journey or hoping to be on the podium..

[ What our programs include ]

Structured Program

You have to plan to get results. Our programs start with race planning and periodization before creating a custom program with daily sessions.

Heart rate & Pace

Our programs follow scientific training principles that make use of heart rate, pace and power to make sure that you achieve your desired training effect.

Group Training

Running group training sessions are available in the northern suburbs area for all your running speed and tempo sessions. If you can't attend a group session your relevant speed session along with training zones will be included in your program.

Training Feedback

Our programs are personal and we will be in constant contact to help guide you towards your goals. Your training is constantly analyzed, feedback given and programs updated as necessary.

[ Train with Science and Technology ]

  • Daily training sessions to your phone
  • Heart rate, pace or power guidelines for every session
  • Detailed interval and tempo sessions
  • Race planning and periodization
  • Automatically download completed training to app
  • Detailed feedback on each session
  • Time in training zones, pace, elevation and splits
  •  Access to group running sessions
  • Injury prevention and management

[ How Our Programs Work]


Race Planning

One of our dedicated coaches will work with you to determine your race goals and required preparation. A periodized plan will then be implemented to help you reach your peak fitness levels by race date.


Fitness Assessments

Your fitness levels will be assessed and used to help create a personalized program and custom training zones to make sure that you are getting the correct training effect.


Get Training

Your training program will be available on our coaching platform on your phone. You will also have access to our group running training groups.


Feedback & Updates

Your training sessions update to the coaching platform and your dedicated coach will provide regular feedback on your training and provide you with advice if needed.

Standard Package

Personalised triathlon program perfect for athletes looking to improve their performance.

R1250 pm

(minimum 3 months)

  • Personal training program
  • Periodization & goal setting
  • Structured training sessions
  • Heart rate & pace zones
  • FFA training groups (if accessible)
  • Coaching feedback and support
  • Race planning & strategy
  • Access to training resources


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